Onion market

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Onion market

When it comes to the onion market, we are the professional and experienced partner you are looking for. Look no further than East Europe Trading B.V. Our firm exports high quality Dutch onions to Eastern Europe. We have been doing this for several years. Consequently, our experience with this specific market makes us an excellent choice as a business partner for the market in Eastern Europe. With a large network and a convenient location for the logistics, we guarantee good prices.
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As an experienced onion supplier, we can provide your market with the highest quality of Dutch onion. With our large network of excellent onion producers from the Dutch Zeeland and Flevopolder regions, we can arrange transport for yellow onions, shallots, all sorts of pickles, tare onions, wholesale onions and small onions. The latter are also available for peeling. Besides onions grown on fertile Dutch fields, we also have many onions from producers in Belgium and Germany.

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We can offer high-quality onions for onion buyers all year round. Additionally, our company is located right on the Dutch-Belgian border, near the port of Antwerp. Therefore, we are able to calculate lower transportation costs for the onion market. For all your inquiries, please contact us via +31(0)6-53154068 or send an email to jaco@easteuropetrading.nl.

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