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Are you looking for a great onion supplier who distributes the Dutch onion to Poland? Then look no further than East Europe Trading B.V. from Kruiningen, one of the best and best-known suppliers of the Dutch onion. East Europe Trading B.V. has been selling onions from Holland to Poland for quite some time now. As a supplier of the Dutch onion, we guarantee our customers a fresh product of good quality. Onions from Holland are cultivated in the Zeeland and Flevopolder regions, which gives them an exquisite taste. Thanks to our excellent location near the port of Antwerp in Belgium, we are able to offer our customers fresh and quality onions for a very good price.
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Commitment and quality to our customers and the Dutch onion are the cornerstones of our organization. In addition, we are an organization that can answer all of your questions through an extensive and high quality network. Consequently, we can respond quickly to our customers which ensures an optimum cooperation as one of the suppliers of Dutch onions.

Some numbers of the Dutch onion

Onions from Holland have some very distinct characteristics. The relatively small crops serves between 15 to 20% of the world trade, which is remarkable as it only covers 2% of the worldwide onion harvest by the supplier. Dutch onions’ large market share can be traced back to its geographical location and the strong logistics of the suppliers. In addition, there is a very efficient chain organization in place with regards to the growth, production and trade when it comes to the Dutch onion suppliers.

An effective chain leads to a tasty product

Therefore, the Dutch onion is known worldwide as a high-quality product with good storage qualities. East Europe Trading B.V. is able to act as a supplier of the onion year-round. Our specialty lies in exporting onions from Holland to Poland. However, the final destination of the Dutch onions varies per season and depends on the local production. On average, onion cultivation achieves good returns. We have a lot of experience with exporting onions to Eastern Europe. Are you looking for good onions from Dutch growers? Then East Europe Trading is your partner.

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