East Europe Trading B.V. is selling onions to Poland for quite some time. Commitment and quality to our customers and the onions are the key words for our organization. In addition, we are a compact organization that can answer your questions through a large and high quality network. Therefor we can respond quickly to our customers and we can ensure a optimum cooperation.

We can deliver onions for peeling. This is a fresh product with quality. We can offer fresh onion for a very good price and good quality.

Holland / Dutch onions

The Dutch onion sector is in good shape. With a relatively small crop that does not even cover 2% of the worldwide onion harvest, Dutch growers serve 15% to 20% of world trade. This performance is the result of a favorable geographical location, strong logistics and efficient chain organization of breeding, production and trade. As a result, the Dutch onion is known worldwide as a high-quality product with good storage qualities.

The chain exports a high-quality product all over the world throughout the year. The final destination of Dutch onions varies per season and depends on local production in import countries. In the 2016/2017 season, most of the exports went to Africa. On average, onion cultivation achieves good returns.

The consumption of onions is expected to increase by 2 to 3 percent per year worldwide over the next five years. Consumption continues to grow in Eastern Europe and Poland