About us

Our firm exports onions to East Europe. Our company does this for several years and our experience in this market makes us a good partner in business.
We know the needs of the most European markets, including: Czech, Poland, Ukraine and Romanian. We have for many years experience in the Polish and East-European market.

We have large base of good onion producers and we can arrange transport. We offer you yellow onions, shallots and pickles (all sorts), onions tare or small onions.
We can also deliver small onions for peeling.

We can offer the onions all year round. We can ship the onions in Big Bags, other bags or on a other way by example loose on truck.
We can also deliver you onions from the most fertile fiels of Holland, this is Flevoland. Flevoland is one of the most ideal production area’s for onions.

De soil structure is a mixture of sand and clay, this helps to ensure that the onions cultivated in Flevoland are from a high quality. The farmers in Flevoland are very well educated and know how to grow onions, based on years of experience.


We have also many onion producers in Belgium, Germany and the south of Holland (dutch Flanders).
This is above the north of Belgium and is for logistic a very good point.
If your company is searching for good onions from the dutch growers we are the best partner. The Dutch onions are known worldwide as a high-quality product.