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Onion buyers

There are a lot of international onion buyers that are willing to do business with you. However, it can be very complicated to find the correct buyers if you are not familiar with the process. Luckily, East Europe Trading B.V. can help you with this! As a result of our year-long experience with exporting onions to a large variety of countries, we have established an extensive and high quality network. Through this network, we can respond quickly to all your questions and demands, which ensures an smooth partnership. We make sure that your buyers get their onions!
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We can deliver a large variety of onions, such as peeled onions, but also wholesale onions. Your buyers can choose from yellow onions, shallots and all kinds of pickles. In addition, East Europe Trading B.V. is located on a favorable geographical location with strong logistics and an efficient supply chain organization that covers growing, production and trade.

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The Dutch onion sector has never been in a better shape. Did you know that we serve almost 20% of the world onion trade? Get involved and make sure that your buyers get the most delicious onions from Dutch soil. Call +31(0)6-53154068 or send an e-mail to jaco@easteuropetrading.nl to get more information.

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